Our Waters


UFFC is proud to guide on some of Utah’s premier trout water. Heck, it’s some of the best in the Rocky Mountains – and the scenery can’t be beat, either. We offer guide services on waters in the Mirror Lake Highway, Flaming Gorge, and North Slope areas of Utah’s Uinta Mountains.

We have access to dozens of streams and rivers, high-mountain lakes, and one private pond where you can hone your skills or hunt for a hog.

UFFC can help you catch:

  • Brook trout
  • Colorado River cutthroat trout
  • Bonneville cutthroat trout
  • Golden trout
  • Tiger trout
  • Rainbow trout
  • Brown trout
  • Arctic grayling

The golden and tiger trout in our area grow to trophy sizes, as well as the arctic grayling. If you’re willing to hike, there’s a big fish waiting for you at the end.

Mirror Lake Highway Area

The small streams and rivers in the Uinta Mountains boast some of the best trout fishing in the Rockies. UFFC guides everywhere along the Mirror Lake Highway, including the Upper Provo River, the Stillwater Fork of the Bear River, and the headwaters of the Weber River.

Fishing is fast and furious on these streams. Trout don’t get much bigger than 10 inches, but you can realistically have a 100-fish day with one of our expert guides helping you.

Flaming Gorge Area

Our base of operations is the Red Canyon Lodge, nestled in the hills above Flaming Gorge Reservoir. This is one of the most scenic areas on earth, and it’s also one of the fishiest. From brook trout in the high meadows near Sheep Creek, to cutthroat and rainbows on Carter and Deep Creek, the little waters in the Flaming Gorge Area are hard to beat.

We also guide the ponds and lakes in the high cirques of this part of the mountains. For those willing to work for it, there are trophy-sized golden trout, arctic grayling, and tiger trout swimming in waters we have access to.

The Fantasy Slam

The International Game Fish Association offers different “Slam” programs for anglers. It’s a chance to get your name in the official record books that all catches are logged in. By completing a Slam, you join an elite club of anglers who’ve caught a certain number of a group of species in a single day.

Here at UFFC, we’re uniquely positioned to help you complete the Fantasy Trout Slam – the highest IGFA honor for trout anglers. Completing the Fantasy Slam requires you to catch five different trout species in a single day – and hybrids like tiger trout don’t count.

UFFC offers a unique Fantasy Slam trip to help you complete the Slam. Let us know when you book your trip if you’re interested in completing the Fantasy Slam.

Quit thinking about fishing and just go.

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