Flaming Gorge Area

Fly Fishing the Flaming Gorge Area

Fly fishing Flaming Gorge and its surrounding waters is one of the rare treats in the fly fishing world. Since the world-famous Green River draws most of the attention in this area, the rest of the fisheries are left largely alone. That’s where we come in.

With years of experience in this remote corner of the Rocky Mountains, the Utah Fly Fishing Company can put you on some of the best trout fishing you’ll ever have. The scenery is some of the best in the world, and the fishing gets fast and furious for high-country trout. Plus, with access to a few lakes, we can put you on tiger and cutthroat trout that exceed the 20-inch mark.

Add to that a healthy mix of rainbow and brook trout – with trophy-sized arctic grayling available for those willing to hike – and you have a recipe for an incredible day on the water.

Perhaps the best part, though, is the solitude. You don’t have to fight for elbow room up on these waters. You just have to decide which pocket to hit first.

Below are some of the waters we fish in the Flaming Gorge area. If you want a truly unforgettable day on the water, get in touch. We’d love to be part of your next fly fishing adventure.

Sheep Creek – Cutthroat and Brook trout

Sheep Creek is a major tributary to the Green River, and dumps into Flaming Gorge Reservoir near the town of Manila, UT. During the early spring, big rainbow trout run up Sheep Creek to spawn, and kokanee salmon use it for spawning in the fall. During the summer, up high, Sheep Creek is an incredibly diverse fishery. It alternates between long, slow stretches that meander through meadows, and faster, riffle-filled pocket water. It’s a fly fishing dream, and most of the upper reaches are home to native Colorado River cutthroat trout. Some brookies are present too. It fishes best from June – October.

Carter Creek – Brook, Rainbow, and Cutthroat trout

Carter Creek is a fantastic fishery that offers diverse options. From a steep canyon section that’s all but impenetrable to everyone except the most adventurous, to the high-country gorges where you won’t see a single soul, Carter Creek is small-stream fishing at its finest. This creek fishes best from late June – October.

Everything Else…

This area has some true hidden gems that you’ll have to see to believe. From trophy arctic grayling and tiger trout, to 25-inch Colorado River cutthroat, and more, there’s no shortage of adventure for those willing to explore this amazing area. The rest of the waters in the Flaming Gorge area fish best from mid-June through September.

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